About this website

This website is eclectic and unfocused — I intend to publish prose, reviews, code snippets, demos, woodworking, fitness, linguistics, and anything in between.

This website runs on an EC2 micro instance. It is a Rust application built using a custom templating engine and database backend, fronted by the HTTP server Hyper (which is itself backed by the asynchronous IO framework Tokio).

About me

My name is Grant Slatton. I live in Seattle with my wife, Jessica, and our dog, Sampson.

I am a Senior Software Engineer at AWS S3 (the opinions on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my employer). My professional expertise mainly consists of building high-performance, distributed storage systems. As a hobbyist, my main interests are gameplaying AI, the Rust programming language, and educational HTML5/JS demos.

My non-tech hobbies include rock climbing, woodworking, jiu-jitsu, and chess.